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Orchid Production


The company offers larger, more mature orchids than are generally available elsewhere, enabling its customers to achieve more rapid turn-over of their costly bench and greenhouse space.


The breeding stock used by Orchidom's hybridizers, from which the orchids presently offered for sale are descended, is the product of decades of collecting, selecting and breeding by the company's principal hybridizers. These breeding collections feature many plants that are the product of generations of breeding effort and are on the cutting edge of orchid breeding today, especially the company's Phalaenopsis, its compact-growing Dendrobiums, its smaller-growing Oncidiums, and its Midi-Cattleyas. The company's principal hybridizers are active participants in the American Orchid Society's Orchid Judging Program, and plants from their breeding collections have been recognized by the American Orchid Society with more than 300 flower quality and cultural awards



Phal. Orchidom Spotted Bird



In addition to standard whites and pinks, Phal production includes multi-florals and all of the most popular colors.



Typical Phalaenopsis Greenhouse


Den. Orchidom Gypsy



Dendrobium production emphasizes compact-growing, multiple-spike plants with full flowers based on Den-Phal breeding.





Typical Dendrobium Greenhouse



C. Orchidom Brabant




Cattleya production emphasizes Mini- and Midi-Catts, while its breeding of Standard Catts strives for compact growth habit.





Typical Cattleya Greenhouse



Rrm. Orchidom Dancer

'Bright Dawn' AM/AOS





The focus of the company's Oncidium production is on Equitants, Equitant crosses and other small-growing Oncidiums.





Typical Oncidium Greenhouse

Ascda. Orchidom Sapphire


The the company's Vanda breeding focuses on the production of free-blooming, compact plants that bloom more than once per year.

Mounted Vandas

Also in limited quantities


  Psychopsis - Various Species Phals - Brassias



To contact Orchidom in the Dominican Republic:

Rogert Espaillat (President)

  From the United States:

     (866) 978-0828 toll-free

     (829) 449-8778 cell

  World-wide to Santo Domingo:

     (809) 564-7053

     (809) 560-3168 (fax)

     e-mail: rogertespaillat@orchidom.com


To contact Orchidom in the United States:

Nancy K. Mountford (Vice President)

     (410) 971-4577

     (410) 326-4767 (fax)

     e-mail: nancymountford@orchidom.com



William H. Savage (Chairman)

     (703) 683-5625

     e-mail: whsavage@orchidom.com