This is where we give life to our orchids.

The  Laboratory is one of the essential parts for completion of the orchid growing cycle. We decided to build our own laboratory together with expansion of our growing area.

With High technology facility and equipments, we are able to produce high quality clone and seed culturing for our own farm and also provide these services to our customer.

We believe that quality is everything. We improve our quality of our laboratory continuously, not only technology but also professional staff knowledge. Customer can be surely satisfied because we carefully selected only good original or seed culturing hybrids as the master plants.

Orchidom is currently producing about 30,000 flasks annually in its laboratory facilities. At any one time, the 3,000 square feet of shelf/bench space set aside for flasks contains 15,000 to 20,000 flasks.

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Orchids species 8
Production About 30,000 flasks annually

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